Who we are

We are an historical mechanical firm based in Piedmont, since 1949 we produce light, medium and precision carpentry items. Our core business is divided between:

  • mechanics for electronic devices and avionic systems. 60% of the turnover. We have cutting edge equipment and staff qualified in manufacturing and welding of chassis, cabinets, boxes and structures made with aluminium alloy and stainless steel used in avionics, electromechanical and electronic devices for defense.
  • Carpentry and mechanics for machine tools, automation, diggers, shop and food industry, boating. 40% of the turnover.

A wide range of machine tools allow us to run many different processes as machining (CNC Milling with CAD-CAM), cold deforming of metal sheets and tubes, electric arc welding (TIG, MIG, MAG) to realize many different products.

Ing. Bertolotti provides custom solutions to its clients to produce special items, prototypes, small and medium series. It covers all production process stages, from development and design to final implementation. We supply complete mechanical products including specific surface finishing according to military standards (painting, galvanizing, anodic oxidation hardcote, Alodine 1200, sandblasting, heat treatment) and mechanical assembly of aeronautical inserts and rivets.

Quality is a key and priority element, we have certified quality management system according to ISO EN 9001-2008 and we are working to get ISO 9100 certification. We also have specific certificates for welding processes for aluminium and steel and licensed welders.

Our goals are constantly improving the quality standards and increase the partnership with customers aiming at their full satisfaction. For reaching these targets our priorities are workers’ constant training and careful supplier selection, to realize high standard products having competitive costs and using well-advanced methodology.


We support our customers in finding the best solutions to face market challenges.
We want to be your partner in practical implementation of your latest projects and ideas - LET’S MAKE IT REAL TOGETHER

History and Expertise

73 years of activity as evidence of the company solidity and competence - please click here for more information

Reliability and Quality

Ing. Bertolotti is certified UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2008 - please click here for certifications area

Business sector and applications

The company application fields run from aeronautics to food industry - please click here for applications area

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A family history

he company has been found by Bertolotti brothers (Fortunato, Maggiorino and Pietro) in the 1949 as F.lli Bertolotti Snc. The company started working in mechanics, then specialized in manufacturing of carpentry for machines tool and buildings trades. In that period the main production was correlated with elevators and freight lift.
The company had its maximum expansion during 1960 but the building trade crisis caused activity reduction and completely stop between 1968 to 1974. After that period the company started again making profit changing direction. They started working in mechanic carpentry for machines tools, diggers and lift trucks.
n May 1978 began the building of the actual industrial plant located in Corso Cuneo in Venaria Reale. In 1779, after the moving in the new plant, the company name has been changed in "Carpenteria Industrial Ing. Bertolotti & c. snc" with Bertolotti Fortunato and his son Ing. Armando as associates, then in 1982 also Mrs. Luciana, Fortunato’s daughter, started working in the family company.
n the 1992 the company name has changed into "ING. BERTOLOTTI & C. Snc" having Ing. Armando and the Mrs. Luciana Bertolotti as associates. In the ’90 the company gained great experience in carpentry for diggers, special lift forklift, automation and special machine tools.
In 2000 the company started is experience in manufacturing of mechanic for defense electronic devices and avionics. In 2002 Ing. Matteo Bertolotti, Armando’s son, started his collaboration with the company actively contributing to the machining technology and the aluminium alloy welding development to realize mechanics for electronic devices and avionics, bringing the company at top result in this business area.
In April 2014 the company became “ING. BERTOLOTTI & C. S.a.s.” with Matteo, Luciana and Armando as associates working hard to write a new page of this beautiful story.

Why choose us

Full service supplier

Ing. Bertolotti provides custom solution to its clients to produce special items prototypes, small and medium series.
It covers all production process stages, from development and design to final implementation

  • Development and design
  • Machining
  • Welding and mechanical assembly
  • Surface treatments and special coatings
  • Quality and certification

Quality System

Having excellence targets in all the operating area we are working in is a strategic element for Ing. Bertolotti & C. to offer a complete service to all our customers.

Quality policy

ING. BERTOLOTTI & C. S.a.s. most important strategic mission is to provide to its customer high quality level products, in full compliance with customer specifications and mandatory requirements. It is possible tanks to an agile, cost-conscious and technologically expert organizational structure.

Our product typology,the growing demands of the market, the behaviors of the most qualified competitors, impose an approach to quality to guarantee not only the today result, but the improvement of tomorrow.

To ensure the continuity of this operating way, to be competitive and to provide answers that are more and more in line with customer expectations, we must always and in all the appropriates ways pursue the goal of improving our services in a continuous and systematic manner.

Success requires the convinced participation, the professional capacity and the contribution of all the company people.

It is my precise commitment to give maximum diffusion and support to this quality policy; inside the company because it is understood by anyone, shared and implemented and externally to increase the distinction and appreciation of the company, in the context of the market.

The Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the EN 9100: 2016 standard, is the essential tool for the Company's strategies implementation and includes processes able to define and reassess systematically the objectives for quality .

The continuous and systematic application by everyone in the Company of the Quality Management System requirements is the prerequisite for the consolidation and expansion of the Company itself.

It is my responsibility, together with my collaborators help, to systematically review the quality policy in order to ensure its continuous suitability for the benefit of all of us who live in this company, as well as our customers.



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